25 November 2014:

Photoshoot with the amazing Erin Stern in Florida!

5 November 2014:

Helene Ice Ahlson in San Diego!

15 October 2014:

The amazing Candice Keene at the Nevada desert!

10 October 2014:

The stunning Vicki Diaz at Red Rock Canyon!

30 September 2014:

Female bodybuilder Debi Laszewski at the Mojave sand dunes!

15 August 2014:

The one and only, fitness icon, Timea Majorova!

6 August 2014:

More photos of Camala Rodriguez McClure at the Colorado sand dunes!

5 August 2014:

The beautiful Camala Rodriguez McClure at the Colorado sand dunes!

15 July 2014:

Stunnig female bodybuilder Alina Popa!

5 July 2014:

Fitness legend Lena Johannesen-Natividad!

30 June 2014:

The amazing female bodybuilder Debi Laszewski!!

1 June 2014:

Fitness Icon Timea Majorova!

1 May 2014:

The amazing Camala Rodriguez-McClure in Malibu!

3 April 2014:

San Diego photoshoot with the beautiful Alissa Parker!

1 March 2014:

The amazing Adela Garcia in new desert photos after her win at the 2013 Ms Olympia!

15 February 2014:

Camie Guerrero art desert photos!

1 January 2014:

2014 BODIES Calendar - George Kontaxis Photography

Featured cover model Viviana Soldano.
Featured models inside: Viviana Soldano, Timea Majorova, Loni Christine, Natalie Jill, Julie Bonnett, Helene Ice Ahlson, Ingrid Romero, Kerstin Schulze, Ashley Horner, Sherry Goggin.

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1 December 2013:

The amazing Debi Laszewski, the day after placing 3rd at the Ms Olympia 2013, photographed in the desert ladscape of Red Rock Canyon.
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18 November 2013:

Emme Diane in the dry lake in Las Vegas!

30 October 2013:
Beach photoshoot with the always beautiful Timea Majorova!

29 September 2013:
More of the amazing Helene Ice Ahlson in Malibu!

22 September 2013:

The amazing Helene Ice Ahlson in Malibu!

20 September 2013:

The beautiful Ashley Horner at the beach in San Diego!

5 September 2013:

Upcoming travel schedule! For more detailed travel schedule chick here!

Las Vegas
24 Sept - 3 Oct

San Francisco
4-7 October

17-23 October

29 Oct - 4 Nov

29 August 2013:

One more set with images of the stunning Nancy Oshana Wehbe!

25 August 2013:

Photoshoot with Tiffany Amber Bertrand in the Nevada desert!

17 August 2013:

More images of the stunning Nancy Oshana Wehbe!

16 August 2013:

The stunning Nancy Oshana Wehbe!

18 July 2013:

Photoshoot with Joelle Smith!

15 July 2013:

Photoshoot with Simone Maybin in New York City!

7 June 2013:

Photoshoot with Catia James in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas!

29 April 2013:

Photoshoot with the beautiful Tiara Cameron at the exotic beaches of Destin, Florida!

27 April 2013:

The amazing Candice Keene!

7 April 2013:

Loni Willison-Jackson in studio shots!

18 March 2013:

The stunning Loni Willison-Jackson at the beaches of Malibu!

12 March 2013:

Studio photoshoot with the beautiful Nikki Cormier!

6 February 2013:

More images of the amazing Kerstin Schulze in the Mojave desert!

4 February 2013:

Images of the amazing Kerstin Schulze in the Mojave desert!

22 January 2013:

New promos!

21 January 2013:

The beautiful Jasmine Rose Ramirez!

14 January 2013:

New promos!

7 January 2013:

New promos!


- 18-22 January, Los Angeles - Fit Expo

- 9 Februaty, Culver City, Los Angeles, NPC
- 16 Februaty, Palm Springs

- 1-5 March, Columbus, Ohio, ARNOLD CLASSIC

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23 December 2012:

The stunning Andrea Giacommi in Malibu beach!

15 December 2012:

The amazing Timea Majorova!

7 December 2012:

The beautiful Swann Cardott!

25 November 2012:

The amazing Adela Garcia Penalo!

5 November 2012:

Top male model Rico Elbaz!

3 November 2012:

Images of the beautiful Julie Bonnett!

1 November 2012:

The amazing Samantha Baker!

15 October 2012:

Top female bodybuilder, the amazing Debi Laszewski!

14 October 2012:

Top fitness competitor and 7 times Ms Olympia Adela Garcia Penalo!

4 October 2012:

New images of the beautiful Helene Ice Ahlson!

16 September 2012:

Images from the shoot with Chad Crouse!

15 September 2012:

Samples from the shoot with male model Tommy Reynolds!

13 September 2012:

Some more promos!

12 September 2012:

New images of the beautiful Ingrid Romero!

10 September 2012:

Some more promos!

9 September 2012:

Some more promos!

27 August 2012:

More promos!

25 August 2012:

More promos!

11 August 2012:

The stunning Larissa Reis!

10 August 2012:

Christine Vargas in "Lara Croft" style and more!

02 August 2012:

Hawaiian photoshoot with Michelle Camina!

10 July 2012:

The amazing Christine Bullock!

5 July 2012:

More promos!

1 July 2012:

New images of Stacey Naito and Ian Lauer!

24 June 2012:

More new images of the beautiful Kerstin Schulze!

24 June 2012:

New images of the beautiful Kerstin Schulze!

20 June 2012:

New images of the stunning Leonela Waltrick!

13 June 2012:

More promos!

13 June 2012:

New promos!

12 June 2012:

New images of beautiful fitness model Nikki Cormier!

30 May 2012:

New images of male fitness model Mark Flex Anthony!

15 May 2012:

New images of amazing fitness model Patricia Mello.

1 May 2012:

New photo colazes.

1 April 2012:

Wedding photography website launched at:

15 December 2011:

Colazes with images from 2010-2011:

15 October 2011:

Working on some advertising images with great male model Modu Seye:

5 October 2011:

Took some time off from my art physique photography and went to downtown LA to do some images of the Guggenheim Disney Concert Hall building for my travel photography website:

20 September 2011:

Just came back to LA from the Olympia weekend in Las Vegas. Did some photoshoots with amazing models Modu Seye, Nicci Lee, Bree Lind, Swann Cardot, Helene Ahlson and Cicilia Benjaminson. Below are some samples:

10 July 2011:

Sample from the photoshoot with 5 of the most famous fitness models ever, Sharom Bruneau, Monica Brant, Timea Majorova, Rachel Moore, Sherry Goggin.